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Looking at Twitter followers with Tweepi

The ChatterBachs Product Review Week continues.

A tool that I came across recently that I really like is Tweepi (@tweepi).  It allows one to follow/unfollow others on Twitter based on various criteria.  There are five basic tools: Geeky Follow, Geeky Flush, Geeky Reciprocate, Geeky Cleanup, and Geeky Tweep Analyze.

Let’s take a brief look at each one of these functions.  First, the most common way to use Geeky Follow is to select a popular Twitter account and find out who follows them.  “Geeky Flush is a simple utility for quickly unfollowing tweeps that you follow but do not follow you back” while Geeky Reciprocate helps you to find those who follow you but you do not follow back and “to follow them back with a click of a button.”  Geeky Cleanup helps you to find those who don’t retweet, don’t reply, or simply are about their own agenda that you may not wish to follow anymore.  Geeky Analyze is a way to look at a list of those on Twitter that you may not currently follow to get more information and then to simply make a decision about following.

The power of Tweepi comes in with the ease with which one may “slice and dice” the information that is being reviewed.

They have what are called “preset targets”.  Each target will show/hide relevant columns and sort accordingly:

  • Active users (no. of updates last 7 days)
  • Higher reach or influence (RT and get RT’ed much)
  • Twitterers who discuss much (compare replies)
  • Higher followers to following ratio
  • Avoid linkless ramblings

Tweepi also offers a way to customize columns (view/hide columns), depending on what’s important to you in those that you follow or unfollow:

In other words, do you want to find followers who are engaged and sending a lot of replies?  Are you looking for experts who are often retweeted by others?  Or, perhaps, you are searching for those who are most likely to follow back?  You can create almost any combination of these and other factors.  Table headers may also be used for sorting.

Tweepi gives a unique vantage point on Twitter.  Its ease of use and various ways to sort information are strong points.  So, if you’re searching for an effective way to refine your list of Twitter following/followers, Tweepi is a worth a look.

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