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PivotCon in Less Than 180 Seconds

What are we searching for on Google? David Berkowitz, Simon Bond, and George Gallate, as captured in this cartoon by TheREALdanmeth

PivotCon, the Pivot Conference hosted by Brian Solis, was held in New York City on October 15th-16th. With the tagline “From Social Brands to Social Business“, PivotCon sought to “explore the growing primacy of the Social Construct. More than the sum of its varied Social components, the Social Construct is an overarching framework that is changing how we live, work and absorb information.”

As a recap, here are some useful resources:

Day 1 Wrap-Up by Deidre Drewes.

Day 2 Lunchtime Wrap-Up by Ben Smith.

Day 2 Evening Sessions Recap by Deidre Drewes.

Multiple PivotCon session Storifys from Chris Heuer.

PivotCon and the Screen and PivotCon Day 2 Roundup, Storifys from Mo Krachmal.

The Case Study on Earned Advertising, a SlideShare from InPowered.

A Multi-Screen Approach from Think with Google. New insights on ad effectiveness in integrated digital campaigns.

Top 16 staggering facts, quotable quotes, insightful comments, and favorite tweets from PivotCon:

An ominous prediction at PivotCon from Professor Scott Galloway, as captured in this cartoon by theREALdanmeth

Your brand is what people say when you are not in the room.

People trust their friends 92% of the time & advertising only 18% of the time.

Technology has dropped us from 6 degrees to 3-4 degrees of separation.

If you don’t trust your own employees, you may be hiring the wrong employees.

Trust and risk taking – employees need both of these from their company.

My definition of engagement: “interaction with intention that goes beyond concern for the transaction” @chrisheuer.

Facebook is thought to be adding 25,000 mobile users an hour @dberkowitz.

Membership vs. Subscription- As a member you feel like you’re part of a community @mrdubin.

Community less about “brand rewarding fan” & more about “brand empowering fans to reward each other” @saveFaris.

An influencer is someone who can give your content greater liquidity @justindegraaf.

It’s not about brands trying to find a few perfect influencers- it’s more about brands cultivating an army of advocates @devrin.

If there isn’t agreed value between consumer & product, there isn’t a relationship, says @jeffjarvis.

“interruption is dead” but engaging storytelling lives on for brands @dgreenberg.

Content vs Advertising… Content attracts, it does not interrupt like advertising. @tedrubin.

More tweets in 2 days this year than in entire 2008 election year per @shanesteele.

What stood out to you from PivotCon? What are the lessons learned? What other blog posts, Storifys, SlideShares, or other resources have you found to be useful?

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