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ChatterBachs announces GovLoop training

ChatterBachs announced today that they will offer training on GovLoop as a part of their services.  ChatterBachs, a social media and communications consulting firm based in Northern Virginia, has capabilities to create and maintain blogs, conduct social media training, act as an outsourced component for establishing or enhancing a social media presence, and provide additional blogging and/or social media coverage for events and conferences.

GovLoop, known as “the Facebook for government”, has emerged as a valuable resource internationally for government employees at the federal, state/province, and local levels from all departments and branches of the government.  Many contractors and others working with the government have also found GovLoop to be a vital asset in connecting with the government.  Having nearly doubled in size over the past year, GovLoop currently has over 38,000 members.  GovLoop offers a number of features, including discussion forums, blogs, and groups on topics as wide-ranging as acquisition, technology, cybersecurity, telework, and more.

Jay S. Daughtry, the founder of ChatterBachs, is an active contributor to the GovLoop community and is currently ranked #29 on the GovLoop Top 100 Leaderboard.  When asked about the firm’s intent to provide training specific to GovLoop, Jay responded, “We already provide training for social media platforms in general and can assist organizations with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, etc.  I saw a growing need.  There’s a power in GovLoop that government agencies and those looking to work with the government need to be able to tap into and utilize fully.”

Andrew Krzmarzick, Community Manager at GovLoop, in commenting on ChatterBachs’ vision, said, “We could see that training on GovLoop would be coming.  We didn’t see it coming so soon. This decision from ChatterBachs is a recognition that GovLoop has arrived as a platform.”

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