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11.24.10 #SMfastfwd: a recap

ChatterBachs hosted its weekly #SMfastfwd tweetchat on Wednesday, November 24th.  Here is a recap of the tweetchat. I’ve tried to put in a format where the actual flow is easier to follow and makes sense, background chatter has been minimized, and so that the most valuable information and insights from #SMfastfwd are presented without this blog post getting too long. Again, it was quite the flurry of activity with so many great insights and comments being contributed.  To see more, please visit http://www.whatthehashtag.com and search for #SMfastfwd.

#SMfastfwd– Q1: Introduce yourself in 1 tweet. Who are you and what do you do?

Kelly_Ryan_: Good morning! Kelly from the Albuquerque, New Mexico CVB (@see_Albuquerque)

KariRippetoe: Hi all! Kari Rippetoe, Social Media & Community Outreach Mgr @TuvelComms

jccjhiggins: #smfastfwd Casey from @VisitVirginia (Virginia Tourism) … although I don’t tweet at that handle 🙂

TRLeVeque: Tom, Police Sgt @ArcadiaPD CA supervise Investigations & coord #SM for Dept.

#SMfastfwd– Q2: How do you keep up with the latest in #socialmedia?

WhosYourAnnie: Google alerts, talking with other geeks on twitter, FB, etc.

KariRippetoe: Through social media, of course! 🙂 Twitter, Facebook. blogs. Kelly_Ryan_: I subscribe to some great blogs – here is a sampling http://bit.ly/hIl85c – a little old but still good!

MRIS_Cassie: Reading blogs, following twitter and attending conferences to ask others what/how they use SM

#SMfastfwd– Q3: What is the one #socialmedia tool/resource you could not do without?

jccjhiggins: Google alerts, so I know what’s being said and can reply through social channels for our brand.

Kelly_Ryan_: Google Analytics!

WhosYourAnnie: Only one?! For me: google reader, tweetdeck, hootsuite, google docs  I love using google reader for alerts. Best tip: use keyboard shortcuts. J=next entry; K=prev entry. Saves time!

KariRippetoe: I’ve created a listening dashboard by subscribing to Google Alerts through Google Reader – very helpful.

dctravelgirl: Google Reader – google alerts, keep up with what’s being said about the property, easy blog reader – makes life simple

#SMfastfwd– Q4: What recent preso, session, or webinar has caused you to re-look at the way you approach #socialmedia?

WhosYourAnnie: Of course SoMeT, but 1+yr ago I attended a SoMe bootcamp, like a hands-on learning for the best tips & strategies.

marocmama: I’ve found that by reading and meeting new people and seeing how they are using SM has been big for me #SMfastfwd 5:24 pm

ruthgregg: For me EventCamp #ecec10. I went to learn about open space format and came away with a ton of new friends on Twitter. 😀

lesliefineint: The more I read, the less I feel I know about SM!

#SMfastfwd– Q5: In what ways is your #socialmedia strategy evolving/emerging?

jccjhiggins: Inadvertently answered w/ my last thought. Geo-marketing. Hard to say what’s next for us.

TRLeVeque: Very slowly. Hard sell to old school peers.

TahiraCreates: we are so new to SM that it is all evolving. It is uber exciting to see the possibilities.

lesliefineint: Trying to engage my target market by figuring out what topics are of most interest to them.

KariRippetoe: Working a marcomm firm, I get to work with different types of clients & situations – strategy evolves from that.

marocmama: I’m in a new workplace that’s just taking on SM and allowing me to design how it will work together

WhosYourAnnie: Always track. If not getting the best results, modify your strategy and continue. Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

dctravelgirl: Anytime we read something or are advised by our ad. agency on new tech, apps, etc. we think about how we can re-strategize

#SMfastfwd– Q6: What new technologies will your org look to implement in 2011?

KariRippetoe: We’re planning on doing more w/ clients w/ QR codes and location-based services.

jccjhiggins: Just added iPads at VA Welcome Ctrs for easier room booking, etc. Prominently placed in FB, Twitter, YouTube. QR maybe?

WhosYourAnnie: I think a lot can be done w/ 4sq/gowalla/FB places. Also vid + QR. Perhaps live-streaming, if applic. to ur biz.

MRIS_Cassie: I am looking into blog plug-ins for training and events, starting virtual trainings and buying an LMS

dctravelgirl: We’ve discussed implementing QR codes, utilizing current tools in a more efficient way, adding a wedding blog etc

marocmama: A6 we’re looking for a way to implement SM into pledge drives and having a greater web presence

#SMfastfwd– Q7: What question(s) would you most want to ask on #SMfastfwd? (Thanks, @E5V).

claudiabia: If you work with SoMe directly, is it 100% in it or do you have other functions as well?

Kelly_Ryan_: I would like to know if any organization has been involved w/ SoMe for meetings/conventions & how it’s gone

marocmama: anyone ever used SM to do a scavenger hunt for an event?

lesliefineint: I would like to hear from others how to maximize SM in a small business with fairly limited marketing budget, manpower, etc

#SMfastfwd– Q8: What takeaways do you have from the 11.24 edition of #SMfastfwd?

jccjhiggins: Sheesh! Done already?!

DKRex: @ChatterBachs More ppl to follow & will need to read your blog synopsis for the gritty details

dctravelgirl: QR codes are catching on everywhere, great idea from @marocmama that I can’t wait to implement in some way or another.

The following comments were not directly related to a specific question in the tweetchat, but they were just too funny or insightful to exclude from this recap:

jccjhiggins: QR Codes could be the future of the ho-hum brochure rack cards!

WhosYourAnnie: Agree! (QR codes = future of brochure) But must link to quality content, not just a homepage. Most direct route.

KariRippetoe: Establish goals 1st, monitor & listen to find where your audience is on SM, focus on those places.

KariRippetoe: Have you ever participated in #engage365 chat on Fridays? All about social media for events.

WhosYourAnnie: For limited time/budget, find which network most of ur consumers are using and focus on that. Don’t do everything. #SMFastFwd 5:52 pm

dctravelgirl:I used surveymonkey & distributed to diff mediums to find out where our audience hangs out

ChatterBachs: Planning to eat during #SMfastfwd definitely takes some forethought & a strategy!

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