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#NewTech and #SocialMedia: a recap of #SMfastfwd, 12.22.10

First, I’d like to thank guest panelists suzannecarawan and ikesingh for their expertise and insights during the 12.22 #SMfastfwd on “#NewTech and #SocialMedia”.  Secondly, this is a greatly abbreviated recap; for some reason the wthashtag.com/smfastfwd transcript of this tweetchat is missing 36 minutes (12:03-12:39 pm ET).  I’ve added all of the questions below so you can see what was spoken to in this session.  The only reason Ike’s answer to Q4 is preserved is because it was later RTed.  If you participated in this chat and favorited any of the tweets, have any points or quotes that stood out to you, or can otherwise contribute to the missing dialogue, please do so by adding to the comments below.

#SMfastfwd– Q1: Introduce yourself in 1 tweet. What do you do? Location? Favorite ice cream? just the essentials.

claudiabia: @ChatterBachs Claudia Saleh from DC area, Strawberry from Haagen Dazs is my fav ice cream 🙂

#SMfastfwd– Q2:  How do you define #newtech?  What is its relationship to #socialmedia?

#SMfastfwd– Q3:  Based on your knowledge of #newtech, how are people limited in their understanding of #socialmedia applications?

#SMfastfwd– Q4:  Outside of what you do on a daily basis, what #newtech developments do you find most exciting?

ikesingh: Exciting #NewTech: #PredictiveAnalytics #AR #HumanGraph #SocialGaming #VirtualEvents.

#SMfastfwd– Q5:   How does one avoid #newtech fatigue (too much, too fast) or #newtech reticence (too little, too slow)?

TRLeVeque: One thing at a time…if it works & has value, stay with it…pass it on!

DKRex: A5 I do scavenger hunts w/ staff to expose them to new(er) library tools in hopes of keeping them excited

samallgood: One thing we do is have vols do a short pers tech demo at our monthly IT dept mtgs … fun and educational 🙂

#SMfastfwd– Q6:  How do you stay informed on #newtech?  Twitter profiles?  Blogs? Publications?

E5V: I stay informed from developers and blogs. Occasionally I check out @mashable #smfastfwd Word of Mouth is king though

ikesingh: Stay Up2Date on #NewTech via these type of social forums. #SMfastfwd Rocks!

karategirl88: blogs digests, tech newsletters, biz mags, and #social media sites. peterhuggins: watch blogs, twitter, colleagues.

DKRex: ppl I follw on twitter important, follow changes/updates moment by moment tracibrowne: always be watching and listening…and outside your industry…best ideas can come from somewhere unexpected and adapt

tammytilley: voracious reading, WOM by ppl I trust. Would appreciate fewer MUST READ’s tho. ;-P

susanlynncope: I read a lot and belong to @SMCBuffalo for collaboration on ideas. suzannecarawan: i read OMG & people mag to understand what mass market thinks, watch sports religiously & observe what ppl buy at stores. from that, it’s easier to identify what specifics i need to explore & which blogs, pubs, etc to read. i also think Mashable and HBR are great resources for #newtech at end of day, u can’t beat finding group of people w/ same interest but diff backgrounds w/ whom to collaborate

samallgood: participate in #SMFastFwd as often as possible!

claudiabia: Twitter, tech blogs and of course follow #SMFastFwd! 🙂

TRLeVeque: Mine Twitter for new ideas & ppl to follow…take the good & run with it

#SMfastfwd– Q7: What #newtech trends should we be looking for in 2011?

TRLeVeque: Negative trend…watch for rise on fraud, scams etc. Hopefully, countered by education on #SM.

suzannecarawan: best practices & case studies for use of #newtech for specific purposes, e.g. support groups, help desk, fan clubs, alumni 2011 trend: seeing separation from legit ppl who have something to say from those that are just saying, think #newtech evidences how people are like-minded but diff, so 2011 about finding personal strength & giving, not competing. creeping in of using #newtech for greater security & population tracking/control. ACLU going bonkers.

DKRex: ppl finding smater friends & following them- tools that communicate w/ info source (microwave comm w./ cookbk)

claudiabia: QRcodes and Social Media… @TomMartin started the fire on #SoMeT and I can’t stop thinking about it

samallgood: Continued growth in #newtech and #socialmedia jobs, esp in govt agencies and large companies.

tammytilley: think we’ll see some health care related stuff emerge. Not sure yet what, but the pot is starting to boil.

ikesingh: 2011 trends in #Newtech= #Local #Mobile #SocMediaROI / #SCRM #SocialCurrrencyt becomes key BizStrategy.

#SMfastfwd– Q8: What takeaways do you have from the 12.22 “#NewTech & #SocialMedia” edition of #SMfastfwd?

suzannecarawan: #smfastfwd rocks…duh.  agree that #newtech is evolution, not hot topic. New ways of training needed & application/usage of it virtually untapped

tammytilley: Well, for one, what #newtech is exactly (new of it, just didn’t know it had a name!)  Also taking away ideas on helping ppl get into this + reaffirmation that it’s less tech more ppl focused.

samallgood: this is an energetic group!

DKRex: must always b looking 4 new sources of info 2 stay current, not just library stuff & apply #newtech thinking outside the bx #

The following comments were not in direct response to one of the eight questions presented but were too good to omit:

suzannecarawan: @ikesingh Also, #socialcurrency is no longer about popularity. it is about merit. this is great topic unto itself!

DKRex: Gr8 ingredients make for gr8 results — the ppl & ideas today at #smfastfwd

karategirl88: Wow, just sat in on a TweetChat about #SocialMedia, not to be missed next week! AWESOME. Join #smfastfwd on Wednesdays at noon EST!

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  1. December 28, 2010 at 3:05 pm
    • Jay S. Daughtry
      December 29, 2010 at 10:27 pm

      Wow, this is great! Thanks for posting, Suzanne! I will also share/RT your blog post.

  2. Sam Allgood
    December 28, 2010 at 5:32 pm

    I was able to capture and save the entire tweetchat. You can see it at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1a186M7A_PKU-OcNMyWiUzQW7pY-RrYRhW5gfqpMJiRM/edit?hl=en&authkey=CKDMtdkC

    It does not show times, so note that it is in reverse order … last comment at the top.

    Leave a comment here if you can’t access the doc and I’ll try to fix

  3. Sam Allgood
    December 28, 2010 at 5:33 pm

    Jay, I just noted that your timestamp is off by 5 hours … I posted this at 12:32. Might want to adjust your settings.

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