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63 people on GovLoop you should know

I have selected 63 people on GovLoop you should know.  All are engaged to some extent on GovLoop, the Social Network for Government.  They are from both the public and private sectors, on the state, local, and federal levels.  Most are in the United States but not all.  Some were chosen for this list due solely to what they give to the blogs, forums, and/or groups on GovLoop, while for others it was because of a combination of their role and their contributions to that community.  I did not select any who from my vantage point are currently “inactive” on GovLoop; and, believe me, there are a number of people who I wish would lend from their experiences and wisdom on an ongoing basis.  I will also add that some who are on this list I have interacted with on Twitter, have met in person, or have talked with on the phone.  These experiences give additional light to their qualifications, insights, and/or commitment to government.  As a final disclaimer, it should be noted that this list is my personal list; it is based on my interactions, interests, and activities.  It should in no way be construed that these are the top 63 people you should know or the only 63 people should know on GovLoop.  Your list might be very different.  In fact, if you’re already on GovLoop, you may want to put together your own list.  If you’re not on GovLoop presently, get connected; it’s a community that has a lot to offer. Oh, and then put together your list!  The list below is in alphabetical order by last name and then is followed by their current title and department, agency, or organization (taken directly from their GovLoop profiles and in their own words).  Clicking on their name will take you to their GovLoop profile.

  1. Ed Albetski– Retired, 30 years of Federal Service
  2. Sam Allgood– Sr Web Developer / Missionary to Ireland, City of Newport News, Virginia / Community Bible Study International
  3. Andrea Baker– Director of Enterprise 2.0, Navstar
  4. Cindy Lou Baker– Social Services Assistant, USFS
  5. Gadi Ben-Yehuda– Social Media Director, IBM Center for the Business of Government
  6. Amanda Blount– Contract Specialist 1102; Website Designer; Department of Defense – TN Army National Guard
  7. Dannielle Blumenthal– Public Affairs Specialist, Federal Government
  8. Kristin Bockius– Microsoft State & Local Government Relationship Marketing Manager, Microsoft
  9. Sarah E. Bourne– Assistive Technology Director/Mass.Gov Chief Technology Strategist, Information Technology Division, Commonwealth of Massachusetts
  10. Bill Brantley– Human Resources Specialist, OPM
  11. Henry Brown– Security Analyst, OPM
  12. Teri Centner– Knowledge Engineer, Joint Staff (Booz Allen Hamilton consultant)
  13. Nicholas Charney– Blogger and Federal Public Servant, cpsrenewal.ca, Ottawa, Canada
  14. Heather Coleman– SharePoint Manager and Social Media Specialist, Army Contracting Command (contractor with CorpComm, Inc.)
  15. Dick Davies– President, Sales Lab Incorporated
  16. David Dejewski– Head of Customer Relations, External Government Liason, and Planning, Business Transformation Agency
  17. Shannon Donelson– Intern, GovLoop
  18. Christopher Dorobek– Anchor, Federal News Radio 1500 AM’s DorobekINSIDER – on the air and online at http://www.dorobekinsider.com, Federal News Radio 1500 AM
  19. Harold “Hal” Good– Director of Procurement & Contracting, Frederick County (MD) Government
  20. Jaime Gracia– Federal Acquisition and Program Management Consultant, Seville Government Consulting, LLC
  21. Jenn Gustetic– Lead Associate, Phase One Consulting Group
  22. Dustin Haisler– Director of Government Innovation, Spigit
  23. Kathryn Hambleton– Web Communication Analyst, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services
  24. Adriel Hampton– Investigator, San Francisco City Attorney’s Office (litigation defense, employee misconduct investigations, social media outreach); Gov 2.0 Radio and SF Gov 2.0 Club co-founder, San Francisco City Attorney’s Office
  25. Justin Herman– Associate – Open Government, Phase One Consulting Group
  26. Jack Holt– Senior Strategist for Emerging Media, DoD, Defense Media Activity
  27. Peg Hosky– President, Hosky Communications Inc.
  28. Joshua Joseph– Program Manager, Partnership for Public Service
  29. Ingrid Koehler– I’m an Improvement Strategist with the Improvement and Development Agency IDeA. I facilitate a large community of practice for Policy and Performance leads in UK local government. I’m also mad keen on using social media techniques to support local democracy and improvement and innovation in local government.
  30. Gwynne Kostin– Director Mobile, Office of Citizen Services & Innovative Technologies, US General Services Administration
  31. Andrew Krzmarzick– Community Manager, GovLoop
  32. Jimmy Leach– Head of Digital Diplomacy, Foreign and Commonwealth Office, United Kingdom
  33. Jon Lee– e-Government Business Analyst, Texas Department of Information Resources
  34. Tom LeVeque– Sergeant, Arcadia Police Department
  35. Jeffrey Levy– Director of Web Communications, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
  36. Alice Lipowicz– Reporter, Federal Computer Week
  37. Steve Lunceford– Director of Public Sector Communications, Deloitte Consulting
  38. A.J. Malik– Envisioneer, www.ArlingtonVA.US
  39. Lauren Modeen– Manager of Online Strategy, GovLoop
  40. John F. Moore– Founder and CEO, The Lab
  41. Keith Moore– President, CEO, Open Government TV-www.opengovtv.com
  42. Marco Morales– Senior Public Affairs Specialist, Space and Missile Defense Command
  43. Christina Morrison– Public Sector Marketing Manager, HP
  44. Ed O’Keefe– The Federal Eye blogger
  45. Stephen Peteritas– Online Producer, GovLoop
  46. Megan Price– Manager, Partnerships and Events, GovLoop
  47. James Pritchert– Training Officer, National Transportation Safety Board
  48. Steve Radick– I’m currently a Lead Associate with Booz Allen Hamilton, a global strategy and technology consulting firm that works with clients to deliver results that endure. I’m one of Booz Allen’s chief social media experts, working with clients to leverage a variety of social media strategies and tactics to increase collaboration, improve knowledge management, and foster virtual communities.
  49. Steve Ressler– Founder and President, GovLoop
  50. Deborah Rexon– Research and Reference Librarian, 87 FSS Library
  51. Candace Riddle– Standards Manager, National Institute of Governmental Purchasing (NIGP)
  52. Krista Roche– Assistant Director of ADR, Federal Election Commission
  53. Kim Schaefer– President, Mitchell Humphrey/FastTrackGov
  54. Kathleen Smith– Chief Marketing Officer and Troublemaker for ClearedJobs.Net an online resource for security cleared professionals located in the City of Falls Church, Va.
  55. Julia Tanasic– Fellow, GovLoop
  56. Maxine Teller– Principal, MiXT Media Strategies
  57. Doris Tirone– Human Resources Specialist, Federal Government
  58. Michael Vallez– Social Media Strategist, USIS an Altegrity Company
  59. Elliot Volkman– Community Manager, govWin
  60. Shannon Wampler– Senior Supplier Diversity Coordinator, University of Virginia
  61. Veronica Wendt– Military Faculty, National Defense University
  62. Sterling Whitehead– Contract Specialist (1102), U.S. Navy
  63. Kitty Wooley– I work in the Office of Assistant Secretary for Management, building new capacity at the intersection of hierarchy and network, U.S. Department of Education

My information (in the same format):

Jay S. Daughtry– Social Media and Communications Consultant, ChatterBachs

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Lastly, ChatterBachs provides GovLoop training.

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  1. January 7, 2011 at 11:12 am

    Great list! I know who to connect with at Govloop, if I’m not already.

    Thanks again for the invitation to chat this week. I chronicled the part of the narrative I participated in at Govfresh in defining Gov 2.0 and open government.

  2. Helen Mosher
    January 7, 2011 at 2:28 pm

    Just in case you were wondering, I would be more active on GovLoop if Ning didn’t drive me completely nuts.

  3. boones6433
    January 7, 2011 at 6:56 pm

    Wow! I’m honored. This is a very well-thought out list. I’ve got a few new friends to connect with 🙂

  4. January 13, 2011 at 4:16 pm

    I’m honored Jay!!! Your references are well worth the look!

    Thanks again, Tom

  5. January 18, 2011 at 7:18 pm

    Thanks for the shout out and I am honored to be among the great people on this list. I do want to put a teaser out there that I am about to formally announce a major development in my career. I should have a press release out within the next two weeks.

  6. March 20, 2011 at 1:11 pm

    Honored to be on the list.

  1. March 6, 2013 at 12:26 pm

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