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#SMfastfwd: 11.10.10 recap

ChatterBachs hosted a #SMfastfwd tweetchat with a special #SoMeT tie-in on Wednesday, November 10th. Here is a recap of that tweetchat. I’ve tried to put in a format where the actual flow is easier to follow and makes sense, background chatter has been minimized, and so that the most valuable information and insights from #SMfastfwd are presented without this blog post getting too long. Again, it was quite the flurry of activity with so many great insights and comments being contributed. A special thanks to the following guest panelists/participants for making this #SMfastfwd tweetchat a great success: Richard Bonds of visitPA (@visitPA), Anne Hornyak (WhosYourAnnie), and Jenny Matheny (MathenyJenny) of @TNVacation and @paramoreredd.

How has #socialmedia impacted what you do on a daily/weekly basis?

ArcadiaPD:  Improving community engagement, another tool for notifications & effective communication.

visitPA:  SM channels have become a primary way 4 us 2 promote PA – especially w/ mkting budget cuts

transpr:  Compare to 5 yrs ago, we have ability to be our own “newsroom” to communciate directly with public. No more middle men.

WhosYourAnnie:   social media is on the brain 24/7

TravelND:  and to extend our brand in places we couldn’t touch with traditional media.

BSStoltz:  #SM amplifies my who I can reach and who reaches me – and shortens the learning curve.

How are #socmedia responsibilities divided in your org?

visitPA:  we handle all SM channels 4 dept: tourism, film & EconDev, FB,Twitter, 4sq Flickr Youtube,linkedIn & blog

WhosYourAnnie:  I think if SoMe responsibilities are divided, the organization really needs to be organized and have solid strategy. Start with strategy. Then account for processes and people.

NCCmeet:  All social media by our marketing assistant, however talk of creating a marketing team w/ diff. departments

MathenyJenny:  I am the primary strategizer & executioner of all things social for @tnvacation. I have help when I’m on vacay.

BSStoltz:   It’s not in the hands of interns or newbies, that’s for sure. It’s too important to pass off and forget about it.

mobethann:  Me, myself, and I! NO one else here “gets it.”

How have interactions with the public changed w/ the use of #socmedia?

WhosYourAnnie:  Tourism organizations can reach out to individual visitors now. It’s not about pushing your info. It’s about helping others.

MathenyJenny:  More personal tips, and insider info is being pass around to complete strangers. Great way to be in the “know”.

visitPA:  more personal interactions enables us 2 have an honest personality & can be more responsive & timely

NCCmeet:  Interactions with the public are selfless. SM is not to promote yourself but to share info and expect nothing in return

Keri_Mellott:  Quicker responses help the public engage with brands in real time. Adds to cust satisfaction & smiles 🙂

What are the biggest challenges your org faces with regard to #socialmedia?

WhosYourAnnie:  Time Management

mobethann:  Staff time, support, proving ROI to director and board, tracking results.

visitPA:  Fighting the “fad notion”, changes in administration may mean changes, finding the right best next thing 🙂

Keri_Mellott:  Challenge- getting businesses to learn the tools, then incorporate into a consistent strategy to build presence & credibility

samallgood:  Lack of employee knowledge and passion stemming from lack of same among city management

Kelly_Ryan_:  Biggest challenge is getting tourism partners to understand importance of SM! Some get it, some don’t!

NCCmeet:  1st it was trying to figure out our strategy – now its trying to convince others why they should be involved in social media

RvanHilst:  Not letting socmed become the magic bullet for every problem. If there’s no biz strategy, there’s no social media strategy.

Where have you seen the most success in integrating #socialmedia w/ other comms efforts?

visitPA:  Everything has 2 work together from website 2 SM channels 2 adv & PR-all supporting each other

mobethann:  We created @ChiefsinStJo FB page when we got the KC Chiefs Training camp. Earned over 3000 fans in weeks. Highly successful.

WhosYourAnnie:  most success is when you use networks together in campaign. Must have strategy and goals.

transpr:  SM allows real-time engagement for public impact on projects I work on such as road impacts. Invaluable tool now.

NCCmeet:  Our blogs about local events. Using WP Stats we can see what visitors searched 2 find it -often used search terms 4 the event

MathenyJenny:  Social has to be integrated in all mktg. outlets. If u aren’t cohesive in brand/message, then u aren’t doing it right

Keri_Mellott:   The key is in the combination of using #socialmedia online with meeting IRL to strengthen ur message & build trust.

What’s one lesson you’ve learned from #socmedia that you now apply to “real life”?

mobethann:  Talk TO and WITH people, not AT them.

Keri_Mellott:  How important it is to stay in touch. Whether friends from HS or new clients. Staying in contact is so easy now!

carlapmurray:  People appreciate it most when you say something meaningful…and they like pretty pictures too.

desabol:  To be present and spend more time listening than talking.

In what new way will you begin to utilize #socialmedia in 2011?

carlapmurray:  QR Codes and smartphone apps.

visitPA:   keep moving ahead, we launched @foursquare badges this yr & works really well 4 us, keeping pulse on next thing

MathenyJenny:   I’ll be doing more social related contests, FB deals, QR codes, and focusing on the conversation.

NCCmeet:   In 2011, Engage in more meeting planner/travel/#eventprofs discussions & blogs. And, have our sales team become active on SM

desabol:  Location based apps, more mobile, exploring QR tags, and integrating things even further.

brianjohnriggs:  Also working on integrating SM with traditional communication tools/vehicles (like postcards) to created blended experience

The following comments while not directly related to a specific question were just too funny or too insightful not to include in this recap:

Keri_Mellott: My hot oatmeal is now cold sitting next to me. Too much fun on #SMfastfwd! haha

BSStoltz: It’s “soft” money. With a sound strategy & measurable objecties + time, U reap rewards that would cost much more.

MathenyJenny: Reaffirms that social is about being personal & having a convo. W/O that personal touch, social will fail.

I welcome your additions, comments, and questions.  Thanks again to everyone for your contributions to #SMfastfwd.  I look forward to having you join us again for #SMfastfwd on 11.17 at 12:00 p.m. Eastern Time.

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