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First-ever #SMfastfwd: a recap

ChatterBachs hosted the first-ever #SMfastfwd on Wednesday, November 3rd.  Here is a recap of that tweetchat.  I’ve tried to put in a format where the actual flow is easier to follow and makes sense, background chatter has been minimized, and so that the most valuable information and insights from #SMfastfwd are presented without this blog post getting too long.  In the process of putting together this summary, I was amazed at how many tweets I had missed, especially with the flurry of activity in the second half-hour.  A special thanks to the following guest panelists/participants for making the first-ever #SMfastfwd a great success: Keri_Mellott, JohnFMoore, and BSStoltz!

#SMfastfwd– Q1: What is the one thing you do differently in #socmedia than you did 6 months ago?

Keri_Mellott:  I’ve taken better advantage of the real-time factor of social media for live events.

JohnFMoore:  Better manage all channels in a more consistent fashion with each having their piece of the larger engagement effort

#SMfastfwd– Q2: How do you keep up with the latest in #socmedia?

ChristinaatHP:  Twitter for all my news on what’s hot in #socmedia.

JohnFMoore:  Constant reading, regular conversations (on #SM and in person), and avoiding sleep.  Also, use Google Instant, Tweetdeck searches, Facebook pages (there are some good ones) and a few LinkedIn groups

BSStoltz:  Read, read, read and keep my eye out for new tools to try. #socmedia.  Share what I know and learn from others. #socmedia

#SMfastfwd– Q3:  What 3-5 Twitter profiles do you follow most closely for #socmedia info?

E5V@digiphile and @Scobleizer are great sources to emulate in regards to social media use

stevecbriggs:  @mashable, @techcrunch

Keri_Mellott:  For profiles to follow – I add qualified peeps to my #socialmedia twitter list: http://www.twitter.com/Keri_Mellott/socialmediatweeps

samallgood:  @ChatterBachs , @JohnFMoore

#SMfastfwd– Q4:  What #socmedia blogs are a must-follow for you?

E5V:  I find Mashable to be great for #socmedia I find even better info through forums though

#SMfastfwd– Q5:  What #socmedia events do you find worthwhile?

JohnFMoore:  I tend to avoid #socialmedia only events. Focus on biz-related events with #socialmedia component

ChristinaatHP:  TweetUps – it’s great to meet in real life. Social Media needs to be social to work

DKRex:  lunchtime chats like this doable; wish there were live SM groups here in SJ – they seem scarce

samallgood:  This is the second regularly scheduled tweetchat in which I have participated, the other being #localgovchat. Both helpful!

ArcadiaPD:  Participated in #140conf & upcoming #SMILEconf #socmedia Few good webinars too!

kikilitalien:  I loved BlogWorld Expo #bwe10 & I’m attending #GrowSmartBiz on Fri… of course, Association Chat #assnchat 😉

janlgordon:  @140conf, @getstoried, #blogchat, awarenessinc all have virtual events if I’m not able to attend, great!

Keri_Mellott#socialmedia events – the BEST are the #140conf, hosted by the amazing @jeffpulver. All over the world. Just had one here!

#SMfastfwd– Q6:  What is the one #socmedia tool/resource you could not do without?

E5V:  Hands down The Archivist is the best tool I’ve found for taking in tweets. Also automatically creates charts

stevecbriggs:  definitely tweetdeck! indispensable

kikilitalien:  Just 1 tool? Eek! Tweetdeck…maybe pack.rati 2nd…

DKRex:  twitter & govloop at the top of my list

LoAshley:  I could not do without a blog reader! Delicious is a close second; it really helps me organize my bookmarks

BSStoltz:  What I can’t live without? Love #nimble and tweetdeck, twidroid for Droid.

Keri_Mellott:  For my #iPhone it’s #TweetDeck usually. Love the columns to track tweets during live events

#SMfastfwd– Q7:  What is the #socmedia tool/resource you’ve been meaning to try out but just haven’t gotten around to it yet?

TomMartin:  u mean the 20 or so that are in my “to review” file 😉  I’m wanting to play with Closely a bit more – interesting option to things like Groupon

kikilitalien:  Hmmm…I want to play with Tungle more. I want to go check out Archivist now…

E5V:  O’Reilly Media was using a beta #socmedia tool that builds an article based on Twitter feeds. I really want to test that out

BSStoltz:  Looking forward to seeing what @twitsprout does with analytics.

janlgordon:  I love the #reinventionsummit, storytelling & social media, ck it out! http://bit.ly/9DuiBK, great tool!

#SMfastfwd– Q8:  What will the biggest trends in #socmedia be in 2011?

TomMartin:  2011 SocMe Trends: organic digital presence by brands… less contrived, more real time, random and real

JohnFMoore:  by end of 2011 we’ll stop calling everything #Social. Also, #geosocial will become “real” through #Facebook #Socialmedia and #gaming is coming together. It is a key for social communities

BSStoltz:  Continued adoption & integration. Lots of M&A activity. It’s only the beginning.

samallgood:  A blog on #govloop today suggested that expanded use of gaming techniques was the next big thing http://bit.ly/935ioH

E5V:  I’m still blankly looking at trends for 2011. I’m still tracking all of the memes of 2010

The following comments were not in direct response to a question but were too insightful and/or entertaining to not include in this blog post.

DKRex:  SM has helped me relay hot info & totally impresses my boss

Keri_Mellott:  I was SO happy when #twitter launched their Lists feature. That’s really the power here. Organization.

LoAshley:  @kikilitalien I just checked out pack.rati and oh my god it is going to be my new favorite! Thanks for changing my life 🙂

LoAshley:  Amen. I’m writing a list from this chat to add to my huge list RT @BSStoltz A7: So many #socmedia tools, so little time…

What else did you learn from the first-ever #SMfastfwd?

We look forward to having you join us on Wednesday, November 10th at 12:00 p.m. ET for the next #SMfastfwd tweetchat.  Let me know if you plan to participate.

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  1. November 5, 2010 at 1:34 pm

    Good summary Jay…thanks for hosting the session! I look forward to participating and continuing to learn. @ArcadiaPD @TRLeVeque

    • Jay S. Daughtry
      November 5, 2010 at 9:09 pm

      Thanks for stopping by the ChatterBachs blog, Tom. Greatly appreciate your participation in #SMfastfwd.

  2. Deb Rexon
    November 5, 2010 at 4:16 pm

    Thanks for the wonderful session – loved it! And loved meeting all of these interesting folks! @DKRex

    • Jay S. Daughtry
      November 5, 2010 at 9:10 pm

      Thanks for the positive feedback, Deb. It was a great initial session. Thanks for contributing to it.

  3. November 8, 2010 at 4:50 pm

    Excellent recap, Jay! Thanks again for inviting me to be one of your guest panelists. That hour just flew by and every minute was full of great content and conversations. Looking forward to it again. I could re-answer those questions and add more b/c 140 characters just isn’t enough to expand upon the greatness of #socialmedia! :0) @keri_mellott

    • Jay S. Daughtry
      November 8, 2010 at 4:57 pm

      Thanks for the great feedback, Keri. Really appreciate your contributions. Glad to know that we’ll see you again in #SMfastfwd. I see a blog post for you in your comment: “I could re-answer those questions and add more b/c 140 characters just isn’t enough to expand upon the greatness of #socialmedia!”

  1. November 8, 2010 at 7:54 pm

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